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NotAdvised ( F ) at 2012-04-01

I felt that this poem was quite powerful. We're first introduced to the scenario that the narrator's heart is breaking. Again. The narrator seems to feel insecure, growing "weaker" and falling "deeper into the darkness." It's as if he/she is searching for a sense of security or hope in the form of "strength," but can find "none" for the heart has already been broken before (as demostrated by the difference between "Breaking" and "breaking"; they're two distinct times that the heart has already broken before). The strength that was once there has been used up and the sudden change in line length in the stanza emphasizes that point. What was once full, has been reduced to nothing (as seen in lines 5 to 7). Then it becomes obious to the narrator themself that he/she is forever or will be broken.

Thus I thought this was quite a powerful piece. 5/5.

And before I forget the simplicity in the words and jaggedness in the structure symbolize the naïveté of whatever led to the event that resulted in the breaking of the heart.

DeviousCharmer ( F P C ) at 2012-04-02

You totally understood the poem :)

Jake ( F ) at 2012-04-09

Very... strong?, as another member said "quite powerful", <- which is a VERY good description. simple..yet intricate. very nicely done and has a nice infrastructure. i normally dont like non-rhyming poems, but this one struck out to me :)

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