Black Roses, Bloody Lips

by Burning Angel

I scream, begging you to stop.
Your punches seem to be getting more soft.
I feel immune to the hate you show.
I feel like my life is letting me go.

"Your Worthless." Comes through your lips.
I can't remember the last time we kissed.
Black roses, that look bruised.
Bloody lips, bruises made by you.

'You will burn in hell." I hear myself say.
Needing to take the words back, but, it's too late.
I fall as your hand meets my cheek.
The bruises on my lips make it hard to speak.

I feel my blood rolling down my arms.
Crawling slowly away to escape from the harm.
Black roses, that are already dead.
Bloody lips, that can never get any words said.


Submission date : 2012-10-13
Last edit : 2012-10-17

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Rating : 5.0

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Latest comments

LostWords ( F P C D ) at 2012-10-14

Another INTENSE one! I love it! You really don't hold back do you?

Your punches seem to be getting more soft.
Wow...just wow. This line is great. It shows how much pain he is really giving you, how you can almost be desensitized with each hit.

I love the incorporation of the title. The imagery of black roses and bloody lips. Amazing! 5/5

TSI25 ( F C D ) at 2012-10-15

Trying to crawl slowly away to get away from all harm.

that was the only bit that threw me a little, i think saying "away" two times so close together compromises the over all flow to some extent, but thats just me being nitpicky... id probably go with something like

"Crawling slowly away to escape from the harm"

but its your poem so write it the way you want.
over all very good, very abusive, very dark.

very demoralizing, in a good way.