Keeper of the Keys

by Larry Chamberlin the Godfather

Scrawl found behind a photo of my 3d great grandfather,
standing beside some mitred cleric:

"I am the fifteenth great grandson
Of the master of phantom life savers.
He silently persuaded the release of ten thousand
Souls by the donation of indulgences
Too costly for anyone ever to purchase.

"Even before his consummate performance,
For twenty-five generations, we made history
In the shadows of those who swore oaths that
We did not exist, yet then leaned on our
Broad shoulders, gathering in the strength
To carry on in the midst of madness and mayhem.

"All these many lives sustained their blithe efforts,
(Those who'd strapped on the mantel of heaven),
Never noticing us reaching up, keeping their backs,
Upholding the firmament from dropping down
To drown them, and us, in the chaotic angst
Of Getting It Done."

Ah, the dispirit - yet, the calm.

LMC 22 January 2009


Submission date : 2010-12-17

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Hold Your Heart ( F P C D ) at 2011-09-05

This was interesting to read and quite comical about that generation selling indulgences- getting it done in the end..I loved the "phantom life savers" and how this connected with your ancestors, very descriptive with good rhythm and more images behind those lines :)


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