The Monkey Poem

by ~*Monkey See~*~Monkey Do*~

There were monkeys in my kitchen
They were making quite a mess!
They were jumping on the sofa
They were all playing chess
Then in came Mr. Tofa
Who told them all to stop?
But they did not listen
And they all began to hop
They were monkeys in my kitchen
They were running all about
When I told them all to leave
They all began to pout
I called the police,
I called the FBI,
I called a secret detective
But I’ve know idea why
They all thought I was crazy
They thought I lost my marbles
Then from the kitchen cupboards
I heard the monkey’s scrambles
When I went to investigate
I found I was too late!
Monkeys down the halls
Monkeys on the walls
The monkeys drinking beer
Were looking really queer
Monkeys making eggs
Monkeys chewing Barbie legs
The Monkeys that were cooks
Were all throwing books
Monkeys eating pencils
Monkeys breaking pretzels
Monkeys licking stamps
Monkeys breaking lamps
My brother Dan
Even saw one
Hanging from the ceiling fan
I told them all to leave
I even said pleaze!
And then within seconds
No more monkeys in my house
No more attacking my mouse
No more monkeys in my hair
No more monkeys anywhere


Submission date : 2005-05-12

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Rating : 4.0

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Monkey man at 2005-06-02


Spongebob ( C ) at 2005-06-09

you guys are INSANE!!!

~*Monkey See~*~Monkey Do*~ ( F P C D ) at 2005-06-09

Thank You

Hayli Nicole at 2006-05-11

Hahahaha this is adorable.
It reminds me of one of those poems you'd find in a "miss mary mack" book. Very creativee!

hillo ( F C D ) at 2007-01-02

That's awsome! I love it.

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