I Should Have Listened

by LoveOfMyLife

**** wrote this when i was 11****

I was going to a party,out east of where i lived,
i had just gotten a new car and wanted to use it while i could.
i did all my hair and put on some nice clothes
when my mother and father came in from outside to tell me not to drink and drive.
I didn't listen thinking i was too good.
At the party i had more than 20 beers.
After the party i got into my car
i turned on the engine
i remembered what they told me
and just drove away.
Not too long after i stopped driving
not knowing exactly what i was doing.
All i saw was black and i heard a light cry
it sounded pretty close when i noticed it was mine.
I felt sore and stiff
with rocks jabbing in my back
when i heard two men talking to me in a friendly voice.
When i turned my head to look on the ground
i noticed it was red and i started to frown.
the ground i soon realized was red because of me
i made it that way with my blood you see.
i turned my head a little more
and i saw my mom standing their crying galore
my dad, standing beside her
holding her tight
i Had broken a promise in one single night
as they picked me up onto a stretcher i suddenly blacked out. to see them again i guess that would be never you just have to think
you only have one life and its not forever.
i guess the point was
i should have listened!


Submission date : 2008-04-30

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Latest comments

pookiengurgi ( F P C ) at 2008-05-21

Pretty good for an 11 year old...you definitely got the point across-tragic.