Moving on & letting go.

by My Name Is Mouse

Unfortunately it has taken years,
For me to accept this new time.
Both; moving on and letting go,
Of someone that used to be mine.

I've had this heartache for days,
Understanding I have to let go.
Someone took me aside & said,
'There's a difference, you know?'

I never really understood this,
Today; I finally felt the chance.
I sat down with a pen and paper,
And had to accept life is a dance.

I always struggle with the past,
Something that isn't here now...
There's days I ignore happiness,
Both; getting up, forgetting how.

What you don't realise is the love,
That people have always found.
You often think you're not adored,
But love isn't always felt by sound.

You can't ask people to love you,
Instead you have to wait your turn.
Selfishly you think it isn't possible,
You let your heart die off and burn.

Many people don't realise it's true,
Love may come to you really fast.
In other lives it may take it's time,
But you can't always live the past.

Sometimes you'll think it's worth it,
Other times you may just give up.
People who love you will let it show,
Don't shy away from what is enough.

There'll be days you'll hate yourself,
And there'll be seconds they'll agree.
Not every one on earth can love you,
But love you have to learn to feel & see.

Take a deep breath if you feel alone,
There's always a time to move on...
Don't hate yourself for what you are,
There are people that are gone...

Nobody ever swore that they'd stay,
There's things you already know...
If you love somebody just tell them,
So tell me; why are you afraid to let go?


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