Comments - Heavenly and artistic masterpiece

TJ BECKER Arizona Eagle ( F P C D ) at 2012-02-20

I thought this was excellent. the images you painted for us was vibrant, the questions were mind boggling and realistic.
Very different and very cool poem

Karla ( F P C D ) at 2012-02-20

Excellent piece.I am your fan. I simply love how you make me think about so many things.Thanks for sharing your thoughts, heart and soul.Nominated.It's a masterpiece.

Lioness ( F P C D ) at 2012-02-20

Awesome!!! I love the layout, the images and the words. I think it is awesome that you have brought up questions, each stanza makes me think!!!


Jenni ( F P C D ) at 2012-02-20

When I read that title I expected something else, a poem about how that poem would be a masterpiece, just like we've seen a few like that lately. That is why I was rather happy when I read the first stanza and understood what you meant by "heavenly".

I like your choice of words, especially that you payed attention to their sounds and put those together that sound good together, it worked really well.
Besides, they also emphasize how much you appreciate the sky and everything that belongs to it.

At first I also thought that this might be a bit long, but once I started reading, I actually wanted to finish it, I wanted to know your thoughts about it and could not stop once I started, yet I have to admit, that some of your phrases do sound a bit off to me.

Yakori Mohammed ( F P C D ) at 2012-02-20

This is spell-binding and relatable. A different read from most themes. I love the imagery and use of words. I'm short of words here. This is utterly awe-inspiring and charming. No need for critic on this because its so real and thrust at the heart when reading. Strong impact and lovely. So proud of you, blessings to you always. :) ..

Lonely Rider ( F P C D ) at 2012-02-24

The imagery here truly defines the masterpiece. Amazing and absolutely beautiful. I loved how you have asked questions in between and the breaks. Keeps the reader intrigued.

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