In Memory of My Father -

by -] Nobody [-   Aug 28, 2008

I wrote a poem this past Tuesday
about life and all the things we endure
How our pasts and presents are full of many joys
But also many sadnesses

I called it Random 16 on here
but the name of the poem was called Life
When I wrote it I had an open mind
Speaking on behalf of people in this world
People who had lost their loved ones
Their Fathers or Mothers

You see, I'd never lost someone close to me
Not when it came to death -
Little did I know, I would in mere days
Understand what all of these people go through

I found my Father Saturday evening in his bed
Passed away and gone onto another place
A place where I can't go right now
and I realized what exactly it felt like
to be alone.

I have told people that it's an unreal feeling
Nothing like losing a relationship
Because when you do cry, you cry all of the time
and you know why... but there are no hopes in change
in mending what is broken

We cry because we no longer hear "I love you"
from our loved ones... and it's torturous
It echoes throughout your mind
While you search for peace that can't be found
but in time

When my Father passed away and I got the news
The police officer asked me to sit down
He gave me a piece of reality and truth
that I think only could be brought by his passing

My Father was always a great guy
Always giving to charities, me, my sister...
He gave to everyone he ran across
More than anyone I've ever known in my 22 years

He always taught me many great things
But I never could appreciate the art of a man
I never could understand the love I held for him
The bond we shared as Father and Son

Passing away at 47 years old in age
I felt I lost more than a Father but also a friend
A dependable man who was always there for me
And no matter what - nothing could change that

I have more respect and appreciation
than I could ever convey on a sheet of paper in words
So many things I wish I could thank him for
and let him know how much I loved him

I know I cannot change what has been done
I can't take back things I would like
or rewind back time to relive the moments
I pray unselfishly he has found the happiness
he truly deserves as a man and as my Father
And though I will always miss him
I will hold my head up high and carry this legacy
Living my life by a single solemn vow
I might cry tears until I lose my mind
But I will live on to make my Father proud

P.S. ~ Aye Dad... Say hello to Heaven for me


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Latest Comments

  • 4 years ago

    by Burning Angel

    This is really an amazing write about your dad. I am sorry for your loss.

  • 7 years ago

    by Rihanna

    Awwww sweetie this literally made me sad. Keep strong n like u said hold ur head high

    This was amazing n touching just knowing how much u loved ur father

    5/5 from meeee :) xx

  • 9 years ago

    by My Name Is Mouse

    Awww, sorry about your dad. nice work though, this was really sad.
    Stay strong.
    xo Kels