Daunting Reality

by -] Nobody [-   Jan 22, 2009

Daunting reality
People are not as what they seem
I write you with my smile
But the echo is caught in my scream
Like a raging lunatic
I swear these problems have moved along
I spit my kryptonite
But no one finds anything here is wrong
A scar on my arm
You couldn't find one with the dripping pan
I'm the mirror type
Just trying to destroy every bit of me I can
Check it off the list
I've glimpsed the Heavens and ravaged the Hells
I've wrote you a story
But you couldn't read it even if you could tell
Hatred engulfs my soul
The miracle man couldn't grow flowers in this bed
I asked for the savior
But not even He could erase the thoughts from my head
The days have become bleak
No one wants to help me because I have an accepted problem
I cry out for help
But they all move on with a smile because we all simply got em
Your day is grand
I go home and hate myself for everything I am and cannot change
You wonder why I don't get better
And I just keep wondering why you all stay the same...


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Latest Comments

  • 9 years ago

    by Lady Nik

    I thought this was a really interesting piece. I like how the syntax changes from loose to periodic. That's a clever idea. I love the imagery and I think you did a great job of expressing your feelings. Nice work. Nik

  • 9 years ago

    by BrittBaby aka wonderwoman

    Amazingly awesome to say the least

    good work