Abortion Is Never The Answer

by Poet on the Piano   Jun 10, 2009

How could you throw away an innocent life?
One that hasn't had the chance to be someone,
A little crying baby inside the mother's womb,
Screaming out in pain, not knowing of their fate.

How could you have a heart so cold and evil?
Don't tell me there were no other paths to take,
There are always other options, helpful people,
Who will give any supplies that are needed.

How could you not love that child?
Children are miracles from heaven,
They are never accidents, not ever,
Always God's angels sent to love.

How could you destroy a human being?
Two tiny feet that will never walk,
Grasping hands that will never touch,
A beating heart that will never pound again.

How could you possibly think it's right?
It's a sin to murder, I thought you knew,
Please just consider different possibilities,
People are willing to lend a guiding hand.

How could you be so selfish?
Even if becoming pregnant,
Was not your fault at all,
Love the baby who loved you.

How could you not care?
Your mother gave birth to you,
Think about how blessed you are,
To have dreams, to have a future.

How could you not hear their cries?
The saints in heaven mourning,
The loss of thousands of babies,
Who never had the chance to live.


As you can see I feel very strongly about this subject, I will die defending my faith, nothing can change my mind. Pray for those aborted babies everyday, they never got the chance to live their life.


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Latest Comments

  • 4 years ago

    by JesusFreakAuthor

    My calling from God has been to be a pro life activist and I would die for these beautiful babies, just to save one of them, if you would ever like to help me then please contact me, my email is kateattached@yahoo.ca I'd love if we could team up sometime, don't give up on this, you obviously have a passion for it and a strong heart, as do I, and having this purpose is a lucky feeling!!! 100/100

  • 9 years ago

    by Randy East

    I agree 100 percent. you lay it out and you hold nothing back in this poem. I respect that.

  • 9 years ago

    by Courageous Dreamer

    I must add, I adore the fact that you put your opinion out there for the world to see. You arent afraid to, and that shows that you are extremely brave.. you have such a great heart, and stand up for what you believe in!

  • 9 years ago

    by Courageous Dreamer

    You have made some extremely strong points in this poem while still constructing a poem and having a continuous flow.. I hope that all women who do consider having an abortion, read this poem of yours and reconsider. Wow youve really said it all, babies are so precious and they should never be killed, it is murder and its a terrible thing to do to such a innocent soul who has not yet had the ability to live. There are always alternate routes if you dont wnat to keep the baby or cant.. I truly think everyone should read this.. its full of facts, and although not all may agree to this.. its something I strongly believe everyone should read. A great topic that you expanded on excellently!