Our eternal last

by Em   Sep 11, 2009

They say love is special and ours truly is;
I never thought I'd find you or end up like this.

You've shown me love and you've shown me trust;
This is the real thing, it isn't lust.

I've got everything I've ever wanted and so much more.
Well, I've got you. What else could I possibly ask for?

The answer to that is not alot, if anything;
Because with you I've got my all, my everything.

I know it's not been an easy ride;
But with you, I at least have my pride.

You've shown me what I've been missing all these years.
You've shown me real love and wiped away my uncried tears.

I know sometimes I can be in a daze, but I'm thinking only of you,
How happy you've made me and how you've been true.

We've both been hurt but it's made us stronger.
We've both been in hurtful relationships but we'll last longer.

We've made mistakes, don't get me wrong.
It's just because we've known hurt for so long.

We need to stop talking and learn to listen;
That's what we need to make this relationship glisten.

We need to trust each other that little bit more;
Unless we will walk different ways out the very same door.

I know it's been a rocky road
And that's because with us we have brought a heavy load.

A load that's been forgotten and kept smiling through
Because if we don't the past would have won, too.

The flames still burning and the loves still strong,
Yeah, we're both hurting but it won't be for long.

I'll think of you and you of me
And we'll remember the one thing that's kept us strong -our loves true.

So here's to the forgotten past
And here's hoping our eternal last.

Copyright: Emma Wallis


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Latest Comments

  • 1 year ago

    by yogi73

    I think this is well expressed....love is a rocky road and heavy load, and sometimes worth the journey

  • 8 years ago

    by Randy East

    I really like the way you write poetry, Your poems flow very well, and there is so much passion in the way you portray things.

    ....thanks for reading so many of my by the way.

    its been my pleasure to return the favor.


  • 8 years ago

    by Mimed Lovette

    I can very much relate to that, I love the stuff you write. 5/5 dear!

  • 8 years ago

    by Siham

    Really wonderful poem , i like it so much i feel every single word , i added it to my favorites poem . Great job 5/5

  • 8 years ago

    by PinkyPrincess

    Beautiful! This is definitely one of my favorites... I looooove how this is not your average, typical love poem. You write about hurtful emotions as well and struggles people face in a relationship and thats what makes this poem so authentic and real. I could relate to it in so many ways. In fact, I'm going through something very similar at the moment!

    "We've both been hurt but it's made us stronger.
    We've both been in hurtful relationships but we'll last longer. "
    -I feel that this is the most true part in ur poem.. because that's what I really agree with as well! It's almost as though you've written my feelings out!

    That was my favorite part but I love the entire poem! Great job!! :)