We need change

by Em   Oct 23, 2009

We all need a change once in awhile
so turn that frown into smile.
Please, don't be sad or even cry,
just smile, isn't it worth a try?

Change is worth alot when it isn't bad,
you don't have to feel lonely or feel mad.
Change oh change come to me,
I don't like the girl in the mirror, I see.

I can't seem to smile but I want too,
Please Lord tell me what I can do.
The Lord replied, "just love your life,
don't think about your troubles or strife."

I said "it isn't that easy being me,
I just don't like what I see."
"Dear child of mine please don't cry,
sometimes I'm sad and to be happy, I have to try.

So, when you're feeling lonely look into the skies
and I will wipe the tears from those sad, sad eyes."
"Thank you Lord for now I understand,
that when I'm feeling lonely, I know you'll hold my hand."

Copyright: Em


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  • 4 months ago

    by mossgirl19

    Dear Em, wow, awww, hey see strength is so much in you. This lifted me up in a great way. I LOVE THIS very much.