I wish i wasnt the way i am.

by GorqeousDisaster   Dec 1, 2010

I wish i wasn't the way i am,

Or the lies that i tell.

I wish i could be better,

I know I'm not well.

I wish i could understand,

But sadly i do not.

I wish i could send away,

The dreams that so evilly haunt.

I wish i could hold you,

But your so out of reach.

I wish i knew the right words,

To you i would speak.

I'm sorry for all the things,

I constantly put you threw.

Even tho you still trust me,

I didnt believe its true.

To me its better to lie,

For you wont worry then.

I love you more than anything,

As a lover, as my friend.

I'm trying to do better,

I hope that you can see.

This is a war, and I'm my own enemy.

The Battle continues,

each and every day,

But your the peace treaty

that can make it go away.

With my arms held high

ill surrender to defeat,

I guess that i gave up,

when you swept me off my feet.

I realized just then, you will

never be fully mine.

But still i hold on,

I think just give it time.

I wish i wasn't the way that i am.

I'm so sick of pretending, but its the only

thing i can. I feel so trapped,

Under this thick piece of ice,

Its like fate has brought me the

worse, one good night sleep would be

nice. I feel like i cant breath

And your my oxygen,

Please understand i didn't mean

for this sickness to win.



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