Phobia Obscura

by Jordan   Jul 23, 2011

Airborne stuck between a synapse
The place where organs feel scrutinized for
Each of their actions great
And small
There is a bit of tension in the air
Stirring matter is being pulled back
As though the gods
Themselves are inhaling
As quickly as it was pulled back
Millions of cells begin to panic
Over and over
Air has the semblance of fire

There's somebody hanging from the light fixture
What's that man doing up on the counter

There's something coming after you
Blacker than the ends of the earth
Its visions plague you steer you
Toward madness


I can't remember ever feeling this alive


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  • 7 years ago

    by Nobody

    The chaos of how the poem is written really inspires me and was a really nice touch. It was almost tangible the feeling the poem invokes. I really really enjoyed this poem. Thank you.