by -] Nobody [-   Nov 9, 2011

Through all of the hard times
You're gonna come to find here on this Earth
There will always be a reason for them
And No matter what you are going through today
God still has a plan for you tomorrow.

It's so easy growing up here
To focus on all of the negative things that happen to us
So much that people believe happiness is a job
And that you gotta work or put forth some kind of effort
To break a smile on a day when you're sober.

You watch the news nightly
And people drop off one after another like flies
It's a sad world with alotta sad things happeni
But there will be a day when everything gets better
And don't think for one second
That this is some kind of feat in life for you
Because happiness is right here waiting
And It's always been here.

We spend so much time doubting ourselves
Like we are helpless and we don't know what to do
That we lose our whole perception on who we are as people
We run around in circles on a daily basis
And the only option we allow ourselves to believe in
Is that we are struggling to survive -
We live our lives so far below our own expectations
That just about anyone would tell you that their younger days
Were the best days that they would ever have
And they will live out their life believing that very same thing.

You have to understand though that when you lose yourself
You have no choice but to get back up and believe
The harder things get for you here on this Earth
The stronger of a person you are becoming, and the wiser
You can't give up.

For everytime you hurt God is blessing you blind
And even though you can't see it right no
When you make it through all of this pain
You will have never imagined the joy you will feel
And it's not a joy that comes from belief
It's a joy that comes from knowing,
And He finally let you know
That life could be happy,


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