The ABC's of suffering.

by Burning Angel   Apr 25, 2012

Ageless scars that seem to show too much of the past.
Bleeding wounds that seem to always last.
Crying souls that seem to cry out in pain.
Deadly screams that seem to echo through our veins.
Evil hearts that hope for only death.
Fatal contacts where people have nothing left.
Gruesome sores that open unwelcome thoughts.
Hateful stares that welcome back the pain you brought.
Ill defeat that drowns you in your sleep.
Jealously that strangles you to defeat.
Killers that lurk at every corner.
Lingering tempers, as they only grow shorter.
Maddening ghost that live on your fear.
Neglecting memories that always make you want to get out of here.
Oppressed people who hide in the dark.
Prying fingers that only long to tear out your heart.
Questioning glances from people new in this town.
Resting, not knowing that soon, they will not be around.
Stinging hate that breaks through your hope.
Tiring corpses that haunt you so you cant cope.
Unwelcome death that tears you by your seams.
Vanishing people who once had a dream.
Wasted lives who hoped for something more.
Xterminating souls who never get bored.
Yearning longing that only causes fights.
Zephyr with a chill as dead as night.


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Latest Comments

  • 3 years ago

    by xXxMidnight SoulxXx

    I love it Dani my imagination would've gone what should i put for x or z?

  • 5 years ago

    by My Other Side

    Your ability to rhyme is astounding. The content and subject matter is like getting hit by a machine gun. after the other. You seem to be well acquainted with the negative charges that life offers. I like to read poetry, it helps me to remember how horrible people can be, and how strong others are because of them. You really mixed it up in this one...line after line of take that, and that, and that one too.

  • 5 years ago

    by Darren

    Very good, clever concept (i'll ignore the cheating on X) !!
    Only joking,

    Unwelcome death that tears you by your seams.

    I like this line the best, it's thought provoking.

    If you want some suggestions, I would say that sometimes you can use too many words, when fewer would sharpen it.


    Ageless scars that show too much of the past. (seem to removed)
    You have it in line two, which works better and you should avoid using the same terminology too close together.

    Neglecting memories that always make you want to get out of here.

    This line sticks right out as the longest.
    And is a little sticky,
    Neglecting memories that make you want to flee,?

    Or similar

    just a couple of examples,

    otherwise good job.



  • 5 years ago

    by lost lover

    Wow... im speachless... this is awesome good job, better than anything i could write

  • 5 years ago

    by Silent Girl

    I like the title of this poem :)