I Loved Rain But It Fell

by nourayasmine   May 10, 2012

If only, rain, if only
you could realize what
an orphan would feel once
there are merely 36 stars
in the sky and the wind is
choked with pollens...

I so tried to embrace
you but my toes were far
too tiny to jump high
enough reaching your

you whispered in a
Winter night that those
toes won't grow up so fast,
they'll need at least a

I sketched your picture
though and made your
cheeks sweet enough
for my kisses...

Why, rain?
Why did you break my
violin then blame me
for it? wasn't it all for your
sake I played my melodies,
starting from the sound of
me stealing peanuts from
one of our little kitchen
drawers till the sound of
your arms dabbling them?

Why haven't you showed
up only in Autumn; a
vampire in my veins? Vaunting
and vulturous?

I wonder if tomorrow
you'd tear up my wedding
dress with your dew
even before spring plates
it upon my body, if you'd
deprive me of real love
not getting enough of
depriving me my childhood...

Rain, I swear I loved you
but you strangled me with
the monsoon of indifference
and I had no other choice
but to hold an umbrella-
but to breathe
even if you didn't leave
except for bitterness in the air.

I used to liken you to
the sugar cubes in my
teacup, I used to think that
you love me
but you've hurt my
vulnerability and sad people
never daydream...

You fell so harsh
over my shoulders, never
followed by a rainbow


Father, I couldn't find anything
that could symbolize
your bittersweet
existence in my life, more than



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Latest Comments

  • 5 years ago

    by Boy

    Very beautiful written Noura...realy well panned. and the theme and idea is very good. i enjoyed reading this poem

  • 5 years ago

    by Daylight Lucidity

    Great, great, poem :) keep up the good work!

  • 5 years ago

    by Yakori bint Muhammed

    This is beautifully sad. The pain it radiates is magnificently portrayed through your heart felt emotions. Your metaphors are so unique and how you compared the analogy of rain into this whole piece is amazing. Its really an unfortunate plight that you felt this way, thus composing this. Perhaps you've been nursing this feeling for a while now. How sad you've missed out on those tender moments. When you ought to have spent the better part of your growing period with your Dad. All you can ask and think of are just questions conform to your memories and needs. I wish i can imagine how you feel for i don't know. However, i do know its such a terrible feeling that knows no limits. You need to persevere and strengthen your faith relentlessly. No amount of questions can you find answered satisfactorily.

    All you need now is to gather all the peace of mind you need to move on. That'll surely assure him a befitting assurance of how much well you're coping. Day in, day out you'll have alot of reasons to live happily, hence enjoy your maturity in time. He's not here, rather gone to a best place ever but you're here and live up to your expectations, as thought. Someday all will be worthwhile to you.

    So deep and soulful. Good work!

  • 5 years ago

    by Amreen

    You made me cry noura with this poem... It seemed as if you put in all the existing emotions into this piece... You have made this so descriptive and covered all the seasons and the metaphors are amazingly put in... I know its hard dear and your state reflects so well here... Im speechless and this is one of the most emotional piece I read on PnQ...
    Stay strong hun....

  • 6 years ago

    by Hannah Lizette

    I am at a loss of words... simply amazing. <3