by Jordan   Oct 6, 2012

Bumps are in the road
but underneath
is a profound energy.
I think that the far reaches
of my mind have opened.

Lotus legs lift
love past locust locales.
Local grasshoppers
gone loco, poco a poco.
Astral body
bodes well blasting
past Adam's atoms in atmosphere.

Benign being,
malignant martian.
Show me the way.
Touch me;
we can see.
Ancient locale,
no locusts,
ancient lore -

Radiant waves, blast
beaming blast beats,
magnificent malignancy.
reaching Earth
and crashing through
desperate ruins.

Light from one corner to the other.
Life, above all, encompassing.
The truth meets in the middle.

Cordial catastrophe.
Dislocation of a mystery.

Pray that they don't take it back.

Looking down toward the ground
I see my reflection
in a tiny stone.

Is it my reflection,
or could I be gazing
down at myself?


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Latest Comments

  • 5 years ago

    by Chelsey

    There is no way for someone to comment on this....lies, there probably is, but there is no way for me to comment on this...omg this was so epic!! Faves <3

  • 5 years ago

    by Maple Tree

    I read this out loud and my tongue died! What a delightful poem... It had tongue twisting stanzas and powerful, random twists and turns.. I love that in a poem and yet it also had a deep message, such as maybe you are struggling with all the chaos in the world and its weighing heavily upon your mind... I also got the feeling of an earth quake brewing.. hence looking down at the road and in stones... mercy! I love poems that take me on a roller coaster ride poetically!!

    • 5 years ago

      by Jordan

      Hey, not trying to plug my own work or anything, but if you like this you should check out my other new-ish poem called "Zero Two Sixty Two Zero."

      It's written in the same style, and based on the same sort of thought processes. I think it's a better piece, though. lol