Dead Sun Rising

by DyingxBreed   Jan 25, 2014

This isn't easy, but it's what I believe
Nothing really matters, there is no reason to be here
Under this piercing grey sky
The black trees seem to mock me.

The knife to my throat, is that something?
Or is it a result of the Dead Sun Rising?
Imagining a reason to continue living
The shadows wrap around my body, swallowing me into the depths of despair.

All that was loved is fading away
Unseen by neglecting eyes, I am tired and broken
And I do not hesitate to wait until I see a world in which
the whispers only speak to me when I try to sleep.

Ive seen my heaven burned, crumble, and fall from the sky
I have watched the downfall of what could have been
I watched myself dissolve into a bundle of broken nerves
I wait until there is nothing left to lose.

Maybe the darkness will love me again
I don't know if this is ever going to change
I am stuck here, forever alone with something only I can see
For eternity, I watch the Dead Sun Rising.


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