New Beginning

by Burning Angel   Mar 31, 2014

They all said we wouldn't make it and that I need to let you go.
But, without fighting, what would our life hold?

There is so much good that one can bring.
And when bad things happen, good memories take away the sting.

There's a new beginning in each of us.
Love, happiness, joy and such.

Some times you have to fight for what you truly believe.
Even if you stand alone, stand proudly.

Someone once told me only a fool can love.
And still I find myself pondering the meaning of the words.


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  • 3 years ago

    by My Other Side

    Only a fool can true how true. And I hope I shall always be the fool I am today. For my love of life shall always drive me forward as the morning sun will always give me hope, my ability to love shall never depend on anothers perception of that ability. So good to have stopped in to find such an expression as this piece.