Rear view Mirror

by Burning Angel   Apr 10, 2014

Some peole said I would never make it,
I would never be strong enough to push through.
Well I am here,
I have made it, just thought I should tell you!

I have waited so many years to tell you this.
You never thought I could even do it.
Cousin, aunt, friends and you.
You all thought I would fail, oh so cute.

There was a determination,
a fire in my eyes.
Only few seen it,
Not many could see past your lies.

It is like as time past,
they all started to believe what you would say.
"She will never last,
She will never graduate."

Now as I head off,
to college I go.
I look in my rear view mirror,
at the place I use to know.

Daddy has tears,
pride fills his eyes.
Mama has her hand
waving a short goodbye.

I remember like yesterday
how good it felt.
Dads tight hugs,
my name called and they all yell.

So much was said
and I never thought i would be here.
It is finally over,
and now all I hear are cheers.


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  • 3 years ago

    by Baby Rainbow

    It is like as time past

    - past = passed.

    I disagree with BS (sorry James lol) about some being someone. I don't think you mean just one specific person as you go on to list a few of the people you are aiming this at, so I understand that you mean some, as in more than one person. So perhaps to avoid confusion, you could say "some people" which would make instant sense and not affect your flow at all.

    I like the story here again, and the attitude of being yourself, loving yourself, accepting everything that others don't. Sometimes the hardest thing we have to do, is to keep on fighting when everyone else thinks we will not make it.

    You do need to capitalise some of your I again in places. ( you make me sound like a teacher when I say this lol)

    It is a nice happy ending where you can see the people being proud of you, and so all the effort and fighting was worth it, the determination you had paid off.

    I like how you described this scene through looking in your mirror, nice trick.

    Good job

  • 3 years ago

    by Beautiful Soul

    Very first line- some should be someone.

    I truly love this poem. You did it. And that's is something to be so proud of. I think the message of this poem is that no matter what people say always do what you think is right and what you love! You are the only one who can control your life. Anyway. The tone of the poem is beautiful because there is a hint of "I told you so" at the start. That is an amazing feeling when no one believes in you. And I loved how you pushed throygh all the negative voices and thoughts. That takes a very strong person. I loved how you detailed the character and added in everyone else. You focus on the positive and that makes for a better poem. Well done