Senior Letters

by Burning Angel   Apr 19, 2014

Senior Letters

I open each with a sore thumb.
Wondering who all these letters are from.
Never even thought this many people knew my name.
This all seems so insane.

As I read every sentence, every word seems to take a silent tear.
They seem to really know me, they seem to also cheer.
I never thought I would make it this far.
And realization cuts me open like glass; so sharp.

Many emotions escalate in my tender heart.
Love, happiness, sadness, how will I ever depart?

Letter after letter, I read each line with care.
I didnt even know this many people where ever there.

Finally the last few letters bring tears to my eyes.
I swore to myself I wouldn't cry.
Daddy is proud, mom says the best.
But sister has a surprise, a gift.

When I grow, I hope to be half the woman you are.
Memories of childhood enlighten my heart.
Forever fighting to stay strong.
They've been cheering for me all along.


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  • 3 years ago

    by Beautiful Soul

    I think this is a beautiful and special moment in a person's life, graduating high school. Not a lot of people understand how hard it can be and if you do you should be proud. I guess here this person didn't know how many friends they really had so they have become emotional and it is so understandable! I loved the wording you used to show emotion. You paid attention to the small things like the happy tears. :). And this person is very overjoyed. Because they thought no one truly cared and everyone did all along. :). And that is the best feeling in the world! Well done!