Midnight Text Messages

by Burning Angel   Jun 27, 2014

Tears stream down her cheeks as he crosses her mind once again.
You'd think after all these months she wouldn't be so thin.
But, he's still there, texting at the same exact time every night.
And even though she can't, she still tries to fight.

The feelings fade; even if only for an hour or two.
The memories come crashing down, far to soon.

It will never end.
The feelings will forever hip out her heart.
How will she move on, she doesn't know how to begin.
He has welcomed her into the dark.

The tears come running down her cheeks.
No one notices the words she can never speak.

She tells herself she never loved him and he never loved her.
It makes it easier to deal with the hurt.
But, that text comes in, simple meaningless words.
"I am so sorry you have been hurt."

But, keeping her guard up, she allows herself to move on.
Because in the end, she hopes she will feel at home.

So while that midnight text message comes, she no longer reads your name.
She has learned how to play your game.

It kills you doesn't it; Seeing her eyes light up at the sound of his voice?
But, you so easily made your choice.
You lost her and now she falls slowly for someone else.
While letting you go, other people have helped.

You may be lonely, so she sends you one last texts.

"Thanks for the lesson, I loved you so.
But, I finally have the strength to let you go.
Enjoy your nights, and I hope you have the brightest days.
And it might hurt, but I know your memories will fade."


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