Long Slow Goodbye

by Burning Angel   Jun 28, 2014

She starts with a letter and leaves it on her pillow.
But she hangs around the house, not having the strength to go.
She rereads the vows he wrote to her.
And in decaying hope, she decides to drown the hurt.

Whiskey only does so much to ease her broken heart.
If she could stay then she would never depart.
But, she knows the feeling of betrayal too well.
It is time for her to stop living in this hell.

Even if she loves him, she must let go.
Because love with him is something she will never know.

Finally, with whiskey on her breathe, she leaves their once loving home.
Tucked safely in his dreams, he has no idea she is gone.
He wakes to a bed as cold as a long December night.
Staggering around, he begins looking for his wife.

She wakes to blue lights flashing around her.
People surround her and she is laying in dirt.
They said it is a concussion and she will survive.
But, it is so hard to look through her glazed eyes.

Her husband shows up, a few minutes to late.
The doctor has a note, one he almost refuses to take.

"Till death do us part.
You have my heart.
Till my last breathe.
You'll be the only one left
For me.
Allow me to breath.
Till my last tear leaves my eyes.
Know you will forever be my guy.
Till death do us part.
You have my broken heart."


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