It only happens to me.

by Burning Angel   Jul 7, 2014

She travels from home to home.
Hope for a family is long gone.
Still she tries to believe.
But, no one wants her and she whispers,
"It only happens to me..

She has a boyfriend, he's her whole world.
She gets pregnant with a baby girl.
Daddy has disappointment as the father leaves.
And with tears in her eyes she screams,
"It only happens to me."

Now she's grown, looking for her mom.
She finds her in the same town she came from.
She meets her and it isn't as she dreamed.
As she looks at her crack head mother she cries,
"It only happens to me."

Now, she's married with a family of her own.
She has made this house a nice little home.
One day she comes home, another woman where she would always be.
As she pulls the trigger twice she says,
"It only happens to me."


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