My head is empty, (mixed forms)

by Darren   Aug 20, 2014

I asked a haiku what he thought,
should I write about nature?
Should I carry on being serious?
Is happiness overrated?

His response was confusing

'dandelions survive
blooming like suns rays until
helicopters fly'

Senryu was no help to me,
digging into my brain with a blunt spoon
feasting on this grey matter like
a bland sorbet.

His retort was cutting

'life's wasted on you
desperate ego rules you
choose death, it's willing'

My only friend was Tyburn
she understood every moan
she knew my bark was a whimper,
she calmed my hyperactive thought process,
telling me what I wanted to hear.

stop your path of choosing losing please,
wake your brain from snoozing, musing helps.

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  • 6 months ago

    by mossgirl19

    This was a very enjoyable read... Clever and beautifully woven into a single piece. Loved it, added to faves.