Blackest Dreams and Pearl-Studded Lullabies

by BlueJay   Dec 10, 2014

We were young, you pressed flowers while I
attempted poetry. It was a long time ago, almost
like another life I never lived. You looked at me
with the devil's eyes and said, "You can be
the angel kissin' on a sinner and I'll be the boy
on the porch steps drawing the map that'll get us
out of here someday."

"It'll be harmless fun," you smiled, but you didn't know
what fun is back then. You were the angel kissin' on me.
I guess that makes me the sinner, I was hardly in high school
and already tainted by lust, painted black, and splattered
with red. But I didn't tell you because I knew what you'd say.

We were young, you pressed flowers while I
attempted poetry. Hiding in a red leather diary.
If only you could see now the secrets that pages made
of stardust could keep when a person's young but not free.
I remember the way you used stones to write my name
on the beach and hope to etch my face in the snow.

That was when being in love was easy - all you had to do
was smile and say the words everyone else was saying.
when kissing was cute and running away together was sweet.
It was a simple time, long ago, when you saw my wings
as silk and made me a halo of daisies. We were young,
you pressed flowers while I wrote you poetry.

We were young, you pressed flowers while I
wrote you poetry. Line after line of pure emotion you
would never understand. Words you were too innocent
to comprehend, meanings I was just barely corrupt enough
to pen out for the world. You pressed flowers that waited
between pages of stardust for years that later became
decorations for the cover of my novel. The one I dedicated
to you for never being a first, but for loving me enough to
stick around anyway.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
inspired by the song "Trapeeze Swinger" I can't remember what band it's from though.


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Latest Comments

  • 2 years ago

    by DarkLight

    What a beautiful, powerful and emotional poem. Really well penned.
    The boy on the porch steps.

  • 2 years ago

    by Naughtymouse

    Ive added this to my favs and will be reading it for a long time to come, oh my this is simply breathtaking. To be completly honest theres not much to say thats already been said and for right now im actually finding it hard to comment. I do need to shout out so I'll apologise now :)


    Sorry but she needs to read it if she hasn't already lol Mapletree gets around a bit lol

    This is an amazing write, really i am so please you highlighted this one!!!

  • 3 years ago

    by La Reina De Corazones

    Before I comment let me say it's refreshing to read a story, an actual story-like poem it's rare that poets do that they (including myself) try to make a poem look like a poem but like a triangle can be a square a story can be a poem too!

    I loved and laughed while reading this first stanza! It was priceless on what he said because while it made me laugh, it's quite adorable in others. The imagery let me tell you this since it's so abnormal to say this: I loved this and I vainly hate you for making this so beautiful I'm very jealous of your talent! The visual I saw while reading this is of a good girl dating the bad boy but then the roles switching on them, and made me laugh when he said he'd find a way out. Very nice introductory stanza.

    God the second stanza is even better than the first one! The reminising of this is just so beautiful I love the combination of emotions and imagery it just killer in every stanza that I've read, loved the way you portrayed lust for me it wouldn't have been black and red more like red a bright red but it makes me think that he was older and that the girl was way younger and the poor guy would've gotten to jail if her daddy knew. Also I lovbed how he didn't know what fun was back then it's funny to me how the mind of a person develops and "fun" is just another experience just my thought. lol

    Third stanza had my heart, since I'm a romantic no matter what for someone else, can't help it. The romance of it drew my breath and made me just "awe" a lot since romance should be used in any given poem/story (purely my thoughts) but anyways I enjoyed the picture you gave. Quite nice that you used the first stanza's first line and give it to this one and give it another feel to it.

    Fourth stanza awe you are analyzing and remembering the past, and it's just beautiful I can't quite say what I want to because it's so beautiful and I have nothing to say. Flawless.

    Last stanza nice way to tie up the poem together, throughout the poem you captivated the reader to continue reading, made them feel emotions, and you wrote a beautiful story. That being said I hope you enjoyed reading this and sorry for making it quite long, was in love with your poem Madison. 5/5


  • 3 years ago

    by konpreah

    You make writing such a fine story look easy. This one has a natural flexibility and feel to it. Thanks for the critique on my poem. I'd have probably missed yours if you hadn't left a comment on mine.

  • 3 years ago

    by Beautiful Soul

    This was a great write and as Mark said, the imagery was crafted wonderfully and it made you see the scene enfold inside your head. When you go through a lot of memories, it does seem like they are a long time ago. I like here how you are the main character as well. It is interesting to see you talking or writing another person who changed your life, even though they might not have realized it when you were younger. Innocence comes and goes with time and we always have that one person who does change our lives when we least expect it, you never showed them your poetry because you didn't want them to know that you were in love with them. But when they inspired your novel that is when the truth will be revealed. This is a lovely write full of hidden emotions proving that list is not love and with time love can grow. 5/5