Girl with the "panty stretcher"

by Kristofer Sadeck   Jan 21, 2015

My friends and I went to a club,
There we noticed most girls were chubs.
I usually like to sit back in the corner,
Where the girls acted hornier.

I really don't like to dance,
Unless I have a women forming my stance.
So I had a few drinks,
Then all of the women looked like prinks.

A cute girl asked me to dance,
Without a doubt, I'm giving her a chance.
She took my hands,
Put them around her waist,
And I wasn't going to let her body go to waste.

We were grinding up and down on the floor,
Hoping I'll get something more.
She started to reach for my grub,
She just wanted to make plain love.

She said to me that she was kinky.
She said come home with me baby,
Where I'll make you a whip cream bikini.

As excited I was, I popped a volcano,
It was solid as a grand piano.
I started to slide my hands off her waist,
And then I felt something "hard" out of place.

Gross that was, that was just a disgrace,
I realized she was a "pizzle" mistake.
So now you know why I didn't go back to her place.

I can't believe she tried to lure me with her stinger,
This was a moment from Jerry Springer.
Least I caught it before I bought it,
And it was a good thing I didn't hop on it.


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