Against The Current

by Kristofer Sadeck   Jan 21, 2015

You have a heart made up of gold,
That is why you're so precious to hold.
Every time I hold your hands,
I know I'm safe in my homeland.
When I look into your eyes,
I just hope our love never dies.
I'm graceful that you're with me and not some other guy.
That is why when you need me, you'll never be denied.

I remember those summer nights we were at the beach by the fire,
Just wearing our bathing suit attire.
Seeing your eyes blaze and that marijuana burn,
Your seductiveness made me so ever eager to learn.
Looking up at the stars,
Not worrying where our future falls,
We laughed imagining how fun it must be being superstars.

Off the jetty I always casted a fishing pole,
Hoping to catch a striper, blue or sole,
But you always turned me on by showing me where my "rod" should go.
Like the tide, I will splash if only the "wind blows".
We always had our fun but when it got past midnight,
We packed up and left to avoid the police spotlights.
Shortly after, as you know I got into a state of duress,
I'm in a position now where I can't feel your body caress.
I can only imagine you while they're giving me tests,
Unlike Jack Nicholson I flew "Into" the cuckoo's nest.


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