Starry Night

by Kristofer Sadeck   Jan 21, 2015

Sitting on my porch,
I decided to light up a deck torch,
After finishing my college report.
I sat down in my chair,
Decided not go to the local Christmas fair.

I looked up into the starry night,
Where I could now envision,
Into Mr. Van Gogh's sight.
Looking up at the constellations,
I'm thinking about my future contemplations.

Looking up at Mr. Orion,
We all know him as the hunter who never stops trying.
I can see his two dogs chasing Lepus the Hare,
But I always wanted to see him fight Ursa Major the Bear.
This was more entertaining than going to the Christmas fair.

I wish I was a constellation in the sky,
So people can see me shining always worldwide.
Even though the night was bright,
It clouded up when I was thinking what to do next in life.

Right now my future contains shades of light,
But I will keep on doing many rights,
So I can shine like the starry night.
Like the stars, for me to be known and proud,
I have to cluster into the right crowd.


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