Escapee through the night

by Kristofer Sadeck   Jan 21, 2015

Your eyes sparkle up the night sky,
So we'll have enough light to speed through the night.
Don't be afraid, I will guide you right,
Were finally together and get to reunite.
So darling just stay by my side,
Since I went over the lines,
Let's sit and enjoy the ride.

Let us thrive on this night.
So close your eyes,
And honey hold on tight,
Because we may not have another night.

I hope you are prepared,
To put up a fight,
In order for us,
To live in the light.

We are escaping to paradise,
Where the palm trees and the breeze is right.
We can watch the sunset lift up the night,
So you and I can dance in the moon's light.
I will hold you tenderly through the night,
Where I will play you melodies,
So you can sleep peacefully without a fright.

As the sun rises up, gleaming down on our face,
The light will reveal our crawl space.
We'll be awaking to another day,
And when you wake up,
You will see your protector,
And don't worry,
I attracted no detectors.

Everything will be alright but,
In order for me and you,
To plan another pleasurable night,
We have to first again, get out of sight.


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