Two Faced

by Kristofer Sadeck   Jan 21, 2015

Your bright white smile,
Can be blinding from a mile.
You always cheer up people who have frowns,
And you never let them shed tears so they won't drown.
That is why you're the most popular in town.

Sadly I sampled a bitter taste,
That your letting yourself deteriorate.
You joyfully helped everyone you can,
But inside you're the one whose heart is burning like a frying pan.
Now it's time for us to lend you a helping hand.

I heard you whispering this when I saw you dejecting:
"Throughout the years of shedding tears,
I always hope the end was here,
So I can no longer deal with the pain I feel."

It's heartbreaking you're covering up the pain with your laughter,
You don't realize that this can end in an happily ever after.
Let's go for a ride, I'll be your guide,
We will talk about the feelings that you wanted to hide.
Let me help you so you won't commit suicide.

Thinking of your situation,
I came up with a speculation.
"We may not fear if death is near,
But to die alone that's what we fear."
I wished you had got in and drove with me,
Where I would've shown you how enjoyable life could be.

Tonight is the night that we grief,
Because we're looking at a casket which you sleep.
We are not anymore blinded by your smile But,
By the darkness that took over where the light was in denial.


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