Mirror Mirror

by Kristofer Sadeck   Jan 21, 2015

There's a girl that is lost in her own world,
All she knows is how to be alone.
Brushing her hair,
Behind the chair,
Hiding from affairs,
And wish she was only cared.

When the moonlight shined,
She looked into her mirror,
But saw her reflection only getting dimmer.
She picked up her stress reliever,
Believing this was the healer.

Her blade of glory,
Became all gory,
She silenced in vein.
Feeling the pain she,
Realized this wasn't the trip to fame.

But as her cuts leaked,
Creating a flood,
She can smell and taste her own blood.

The moon was getting shinier,
But she wasn't getting any brighter.
She picked up the phone,
Tried to push the 9-1-1 dials,
But those numbers were in denial.

Laying on the bed,
Waiting to be dead,
So she can re-unite with her father Ted.

Her front door slams open,
It was her sister Pat.
She pushed the 9-1-1 dials,
While they were mocking their own trials.

Help is on the way, Pat cried right away,
But she didn't want to be carried away.
Help is only a few miles away,
Its ok Pat, I'm going to die anyways.
Pat knew her sister was quickly dying,
She asked her why did you keep trying?
Because I'm done living as a liar,
Now I'm going to a place that's much higher.
I didn't do this to die Pat,
I did this so I can relive again.


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