Leaves Begin To Sour

by Flesh Traitor   Mar 5, 2015

When in the fall all the trees begin to sour
a useless name, staring straight at me like before
they reveal all their naked noncompliance
a helpless waste, i'm undeserving of a soul

Stay if you think you can help me
stay if you need advice
I can't begin to explain my deep desire
to leave and forever be without you

I'm so cold, keep your lies away from me
I will shut you out like every time before
Hell even my house doesn't feel like home anymore
nobody is praying for me, I've gotten used to it

I am the one that always wants to waste away
too tired to stay yet too stubborn to lose my life to my demons
when you lose your pride message me
You will understand what I mean by it will deliver eternal prize

Soon gray and brown leaves will fall upon my casket
placed deep underground where the stifling thoughts will go silent
no longer tortured
no longer will i have to ccarry this shame upon my spirit

Please take me soon...I can't take this much longer


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