by DyingxBreed   Mar 20, 2015

You see nothing in my eyes
The more you see the less you worry
Can we make it?
It's in our heads

You know nothing of my kind
You refuse to see into my mind
Is it over yet?
We can't lose

So I'll sacrifice myself
To show you what's left
You always see the fire in my eyes
Still you're all in
Help me, please

You take the breath right out of me
You fixed my heart when I couldn't love again
You fixed me, just to make it through
You're gunna be the death of me

It'll be over soon
Pour your heart out to me
When you know I do not know how to feel
Is this over yet?

You took the breath right out of me
You fought just to make it through
You wanted, you fought this
Now it's time to end this war

You're waiting
You're fighting
Finally pulling me in
You take the breath out of me
As we stand in our embrace.


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