Answer Me

by DyingxBreed   May 18, 2015

They say you're rotten, dirty to the core
I believed them when you left me for a while
Convinced you're a vile, disgusting human being
I believed you're undeserving of a soul
I believed them up until I accepted it was my fault
I never was able to be what you wanted me to be
Couldn't do everything you needed me to
I never was perfect in your eyes, I worked my ass off and tried to be with no avail
So answer me
Should I stay? Should I obey you?
Should I stay...away from you?
Answer me..what do you want me to do?
There is nothing left for us in this shithole town
Those three words are easy to say, hard to mean
Used up quite often when we were one
Holding you again is one guilty pleasure of mine
I don't want to be used again
Answer me. Is this time different from before?
Answer me. It's too hard for me to play your game
I can't let myself love you, shouldn't be around you
Answer me..why do you have this hold on me?
Answer me..why did you let me in after throwing me away?
We know what we want from one another
Use each other for what we think we need
A hug, a kiss, occasional "I love you"
No possible way this is real between us
Answer me...what are you trying to do?


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