Who Knew?

by Glenn Gay   Jul 16, 2015

One day I walked into a room full of people but saw only you. You were on the phone and the way you held the phone I could tell you were bored with the call. Your hair was beautiful blonde, golden like it was spun on a magic loom and of great worth. Your lips were covered with moisture and as you talked on the phone I imagined you saying kiss me. Your eyes were bright, open wide and alert as though you owned the room and your face was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. Who knew that one day we would love one another and our lips would meet? Who knew that a few years later you would give me butterflies in my stomach as though I were still a teenager? Who knew that I would eventually want to spend all my time with you and who knew that one day we would make each other happy and other couples Jealous?

Who knew?


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