Son Of The Sun

by Ridge   Sep 19, 2015

Give me a warm hug, lets grow old and beautiful
Decay can't reach us, we mingle in silver and gold
The world outside can crash, the woods can burn, oceans can freeze
The yellow solar rays sit on your face
Your tongue stirs but your mouth can't formulate

Through the shadows I can hear you call
Your breathe is beery and your temper is moody
Cannot stop you from drinking the cold liquid

Sour tones blush your face, I painted this place for you to stay
This melody resonating in all this space, for you to reconnect with music grace
Your eyes are dry, covered by frozen pane

It floats like feathers in the wind, fields rough poison draining up your brain
Birds that sing along can lift your heart
Remember Mae has a lot to offer, she shrivels back and forth

This might not be the best weather, I cannot see over the hills
Walk around the forrest, pick up diamonds and rings for your wedding

Kiss her, she'll overwhelm you in harmony
Squeeze, press her hips gently
Pinch them, lick off her belly

A woman you can trust, mysterious expansion
Delicious degustation of yeast and sugar
Clouds patter dolefully narrow, sound bright

It's time to let it go

--------- Dedicated to my best friend Twit --------------


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