Cocoon of Misery

by Glenn Gay   Oct 27, 2015

My mind and my soul
Are wrapped in a cocoon
Of sadness and misery
And the cocoon is bound together
Securely and tightly
By the chains forged by a past
That won't seem to let me go
The whole thing is secured by a lock
For which only you hold the key

Each time I see you I see the key
Each time I talk to you
I hear the rattle of the key
Every time I think of you
I think of the key

I see you come toward me
I become excited at the thought of freedom
Overwhelmed from anticipated ecstasy
One step, two steps, three steps
And walk right past me!


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  • 3 years ago

    by Ben Pickard

    A poem filled with desperation and ultimate sadness of your saviour walking past you and leaving you imprisoned.
    A great write that had me hoping - uselessly - until the end.
    All the best