The Truth

by Spontaneity   Feb 20, 2016

Let us watch the dying souls tonight,
and feel the ice settle into our bones.
I feel no discomfort sitting in this
chilled air, as you convulse every time
the wind touches your delicate skin.
You and I have to get over this;
there is only one right answer.

I feel more broken than I ever
have; there is a bottomless
pit where my heart used to rest and
my soul does not emit enough light
to see two feet in front of me.
Sympathy has escaped my chambers,
running through the meadow
with Happiness and Forgiveness.

I am no longer good for this world;
my body is now a machine, just moving
through the motions. I can no longer
distinguish what is right, and what is
wrong. My heart has succumbed to
the bitterness running through my veins.

You think there is a way to change?
I do not know if I agree with you. I
have been wondering around in this
world of pain and suffering for far
too long; I have become as
numb as your fingers in this icy air.


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