Some people can't stand to see you happy.

by Seth Rowley   May 8, 2016

Some people can't stand to see you happy.
Be happy anyway
Forget what everybody else has to say
I get emotionally tired sometimes but who don't
I hope Dre isn't mad at me
If he is he'll get over it
I can take a vacation when I want to
Everyone knows I've put in work
I don't have to explain myself to anyone
I don't have to buy anything for anyone
I miss the scenery in Nevada
I wish I could just travel the world
I don't want to be tied down to nothing
I want to do what I want to do
Some people won't let me do that
It's hard to be happy all the time
I wish there weren't any racist people
We are all adults
Let's act like one
If I make a mistake don't punish me and act like you are perfect
You are no better than me
We are all human
I know we like to think we are better than some people
Criticism doesn't mean they are trying to hurt you
They might actually be trying to help you make the right choice
Always listen to people because you can't listen to them when they are gone
Be nice to people don't you want people being nice to you
I'm truly thankful for everything I have
I'm thankful for God even though I'm having a hard time right now
I know he's helped me through alot of obstacles I couldn't do on my own
He's never finished either
I'm thankful for Adeline even though I'm getting tired of waiting
God help a miracle to happen and her get over here
So we can start a family
God help my uncle Danny
I don't like to be too happy because something bad always happens
I prepare myself for everything


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