Bad Karma

by Milly Hayward   May 8, 2016

Old woman faces the coffin of life
nothing left but to spin much strife
she is angry cause life's passed her by
her health has faded, she's going to die

Outside she behaves like Granny Smith
but on the inside, something's amiss
She will do her utmost to disarm
by oozing out her liquid charm
and her victim she will drown
so she can retain her golden crown

Jealousy and insecurity is no excuse
for emotional battering and abuse
dishonesty is a cowards path
and incurs an almost Godly wrath
This woman has most people fooled
but one day will be over ruled

Beware the actions you give out
don't you ever have a doubt
once you set out on vilest road
evil will return to you; tenfold


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Latest Comments

  • 9 months ago

    by magicandall

    Oh, wow. Really good

  • 1 year ago

    by Milly Hayward

    Thank you Dagmar for taking the time out to comment. Forgiveness is often hard especially when people are unreasonably nasty or unkind that's why I believe strongly in the fact that all that is 'Right and good' will prevail perhaps not immediately but eventually. take care Milly x

  • 1 year ago

    by Dagmar Wilson

    Hello Milly, a great write and strong message we all can relate to. I don't believe in this eye for an eye or seeking revenge on someone that did me wrong. No matter what we do God does not like ugly and it will come back often when almost forgotten. Being mean and spiteful because of what has been done to us is no excuse to mistreat others. I learned to forgive and keep praying. Take care and all the best

  • 1 year ago

    by Brenda

    Milly, I love this! How very true, I've known my share of people that smile in your face and stab you in the back. I believe in karma, and it does come back in tenfold as you said. Well done!

    • 1 year ago

      by Milly Hayward

      Thank you everyone for your lovely comments and support. It means the world to me that this poem touched a note with you all.

  • 1 year ago

    by AngelaLuisaCory

    A sentiment wonderfully put. What goes round, comes round. 'Beware the actions you give out' - I couldn't agree more

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