Mommy Dearest:

by Scott Cole   May 11, 2016

With all her babies
Tucked in bed,
Her little and big hand
Around their heads.

That little ole chime
Her soft lullaby,
Plugging all ears
So nobody cries.

Twelve little babies
But only two hands,
What is her solution
What is her plan.

With both busy hands
As busy as a bee,
Covering their eyes
So nobody sees.

Hush little babies
Don't say a word,
I have two hands
You cuckoo birds,

High on the roof
Sits mama bird,
In view of her babies
Who dare say a word.

One two three
Barely asleep,
Four five six
Not even a peep.

Seven eight nine
Three closing eyes,
Poor little ten
He starts to cry.

Rock the little baby
Baby number ten,
Just a few minutes
Every now and then.

The last two babies
Eleven and twelve,
Both went to sleep
All by theirself.

Now mom you unwind
Your babies are fine,
Take alittle snooze
And kill some time.


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Latest Comments

  • 2 years ago

    by Em

    Haha I like this this one.

    Unique in it's structure and rhyme and a good topic.

    nominated, Em

    • 2 years ago

      by Scott Cole

      Thank u i dont get nominated much u made my day....