by Marvellous   Jun 1, 2016

1.From afar, she spots out your need
And willingly runs to your aid
The little you can, she trips for
Even when, it's never enough

2.She needs no jury to surface
For the harmony of you both
All that matters, is your comfort
While to her, she's safe in your arms

3.You needn't go pull down a wall
To convince her, you'll be the one
She's willing to risk Trust, for you
And over again, should you fail

4.To the rest, she might prove stubborn
But with you, she remains a lamb
Docile to the core, at your feet
Take heed, lest you conclude, 'she's cheap'

5.None but you, exist in her mind
Even when gems, stampede on her
Not only giving you the heart
But forgiving you, from her heart

6.There's nothing that matters but peace
In the world of, the You, and she
Not as if, you'll be want-stricken
Even if though, you're her hero

7.Among fingers, you're not the best
And most likely, never might be
But what sustains her poise for you
Remains a gifting of mercy

8.She's not scared of your little bits
Not as if, she would never hurt
Above all, she writes off your wrongs
Standing still, all in track, with you

9.In the midst of every gathering
You're her special guest of honour
He, she looks forward to seeing
The one, she can't help admire

10.At the finish line, you're at home
She'll give her last, to take your side
Even when, it's too late to try
In whom these you find, never miss..


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Latest Comments

  • 2 years ago

    by hiraeth

    Can you tell me what the title means? I took it to mean the difference between the differentiation between you and whoever you mean by 'she', is this right?

    I really like the numbering off, it's something fresh I haven't seen in a while and it works well. I enjoyed this piece thoroughly, nominated!

  • 2 years ago

    by Em

    Marv I love this. It's goes through all the motions of a friend/lover falling in love giving you their trust, their heart and their everything to be with that person they admire because they love the may they may not be perfect but are in fact perfectly imperfect to them. Yes, I agree one who gives you their all you should take up because those people are hard to find let alone keep nowadays.

    Great write, Em

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