by Marvellous   Jun 1, 2016

1. You leave the trails, while he follows
Not that, he's the all-weather flirt
But the wonder within your build
Like gravity, throws him off guard

2. Not the regular obsession
Nor the artistry of your looks
But a making of discipline
As diligence, is not far fetched

3. Though you pretend to stay arms-length
Even at distant ends, he's there
Here to stay and occupy you
The one, you can't get away from

4.The more he hurts, the more he's loved
Even in much pain, him you keep
His bruises, only strengthen you
The one you readily forgive

5.Not to say you've lost your esteem
Nor your principles of defence
But he stands irreplaceable
As he reigns in throne of your heart

6.At your rising, he's your mentor
At your falling, he's your pillar
There's never when you feel alone
He's got his clock, all round your path

7.He's the sweetest name, in your mind
Never giving notice to flaws
You know and pray, he never strays
Waiting till his child, you will bear

8. Of all you consider, he's prime
The no just cause muse, in your heart
Always fulfilled for his prescience
Ever thankful for his patience

9. Enough brushes, you both go through?
Your perceptions of him.., stay safe
Nothing counts, beyond his presence
Despite your longing for extra

10. He's everyday young, in your eyes
The soldier, that rescues your fears
Never ashamed to be called yours
The Prince Charming en route with you

11. Is calm with you, despite your odds
Stays mute, over the hand he brings
Recounts having you, as a gift
At ease with you, despite the stretch

12. Able and decisive dreamer
But more willing, to be with you
Not for the now, but forever
At his feet, when around, remain.


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Latest Comments

  • 1 year ago

    by Ben Pickard


    This is a beautifully written and original piece.

    Well done,


  • 2 years ago

    by Em

    Marv just beautiful.. I have no words for this because to me it's beautiful and so delicate.


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