My Dance

by Belle   Aug 7, 2016

I dance through lined paper,
Like a ballerina full of ink.
And you say you understand my pain,
But you just can't make the link.

You don't know what I must do,
To free my mind of flaw.
Alone on the floor of my bedroom,
Becoming an outlaw.

You think that I am fine,
Just because I say I am.
Never knowing that my secret toy,
Only weighs about a gram.

You don't know the deadly game I play,
Or how it makes me fly.
You don't know that every single night,
I fight off the urge to die.

I dance through lined paper,
Bleeding from within.
And etch the words I can not say,
With razors, into my skin.


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  • 2 years ago

    by DirgeVenustas

    This was awesome, I loved the part about being a ballerina made of ink dancing in-between the lines. I also kinda figured this would add a double punch with the wicked clever way you tied in razor blades and cutting. This was deeply romantic.

  • 2 years ago

    by Em

    Belle, what an amazingly written piece that put ache into my heart and tears upon my face. This hit home to me more than I cared to admit because I have been years (not cutting) but close to the edge many, many times before and I will not say that I understand because we all have our own personal trials and tribulations (so to speak) that make us depressed and the person we are today. All I will say is try and stay strong and again, if you need a chat I'm here.


  • 2 years ago

    by - Mr. Darcy

    Hello Belle,

    Reading through this poem and about your 'secret toy' I was thinking, ah yes I know what this is. When I found out it was a razor blade I realised this poem was as powerful as the bloody pain it depicts. As for my guess, I snapped my Bic biro with the shock of the blade.

    Well done, a personal write that will touch a cord in many.Stay strong.


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