by DeviousCharmer   Oct 26, 2016

Walking into a room, with so many thoughts racing through my mind

The simplest of things can sometimes be the most difficult

Scanning the room full of people, wondering if anyone notices me

Silence fills the room
Yet there are all these voices screaming in my ear

Nothing has happened, but for some reason I stand still fearing the worst

With each step comes hope that I don't do anything to embarrass myself

As I make it away to a safe place away from people, I tell myself the words i need to make it through the day

I put on a facade to hide my fear of rejection

clinging to my sleeves for support, hoping no one notices

Been told so many times it's all in my mind, but it feels so real

Screaming for help with a smile on my face, needing someone to see through it

Feeling lost and alone


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  • 1 year ago

    by Em

    Hiya, this is emotional and raw of which many people including myself can relate to and possibly take something from.

    1: When we are depressed or anxious even walking into a room can be courageous and can leave us breathless and helpless especially when doing it alone, just that support helps a little.

    2: Love this statement it's so simple but So true.

    3: This, is the feast we don't want people to notice so as Ben said we slink into the darkest corner and hope no one notices.

    4: Such a vivid image or the room falling silent but you're head screaming "get me out."

    5: And we do this because of the things that are beyond our control; people hurting us and judging us.

    6; embarrassment would only bring attention and we really do not like attention.

    7: Yes we are now on target away from any judgement or attention but alone.

    8&9: I do this all the time, put on a brave face and take in a deep breath and even more so when I shaved my hair for charity as that was my best feature and I was scared because I was 'different.'

    10: This is now thing I hate people giving 'advice' when in all honesty it doesn't help at all. If we could get better or make it feel less real then we would.

    11&12 We all need to have that sense of security and feel less alone.
    A fab, emotional and relatable write, well done.

  • 1 year ago

    by Brenda

    Wow, totally feel this write! I hate walking into a room, hate having attention on me. I would so like to be invisible then be called out or on for something. Well done-

  • 1 year ago

    by Ben Pickard

    This poem resonated with me as I myself have often felt like this. I'm not very comfortable in big crowds and hate attention being directed at me; you always feel like you're being examined or judged, don't you?
    So what do you do? 'Slink' into a quiet corner with a smile on your face (in case anyone does see you) and hope that that's enough to see you through.

    Take care and all the best,