Comments : Samobojstwo

  • 10 months ago

    by Meena Krish

    It was the title that got my attention and I read the poem
    which made me even more intrigued that I googled to see what
    the title meant. Its actually a Polish word and when translated
    it means suicide.

    The poem started to make more sense to me. The first few
    verses got me a picture of lovers standing on the edge, holding each others hand while looking down into the water to make
    that jump. The description of words and use of language was
    so tasteful yet mysterious.

    The second half of the poem goes back and forth between
    poetry and writer or the writer who is trying to describe this
    event without loosing the seriousness and the weight of the sadness.

    The third verse is so chilling..I feel two were going but one survived and have to live with that memory and regrets, that
    night, sounds and the very imagery of watching one go away..

    There is a whole lot more in this poem and behind each line
    there is a weighty issue which will never die…a heart touching write here.