Comments : Monster's

  • 1 year ago

    by Em

    Andrea, another sad, emotion filled yet somewhat relatable piece.

    Title - is this about real monsters or those that exist in our heads?? Sorry, thats the first thing I thought.

    1/ I truly believe there are only 2 things guaranteed in life and that's when we are burn and when we die but others believe that we have a purpose in life, I do believe this but I'm yet to find my purpose.

    2/ True but I hope you've realised that people do want and need you even on here.

    3/ We do all only see what we want to see unfortunately.

    4/ I can totally relate to this especially with my last relationship, it was definitely a world wind and I wish I could have been that shell much longer.

    5/ This is absolutely true.. Everyone of us needs and wants lobe but as children we are told to speak only when spoken too etc well, some of us are. Children are only taught what adults want to teach them and sometimes its the wrong things.

    6/ I believe so because at least then we have something to hide from.

    7/ I absolutely loved this.. It is difficult to understand the true meaning of love especially when you think you have found your knight in shining armour and they turn out to be an idiot wrapped in tin foil.

    8/ Wow, what an ending.. No, children should never know that monsters can sometimes be real ( well, those in our heads.)


  • 1 year ago

    by Brenda

    Andrea, amazing write! After Em's wonderful indepth commentary of your write I feel there's not much I can say. It's sad to think as a child you didn't feel wanted, sometimes parents are wrapped up in their own heads and don't realize the damage they cause. You eloquently put your sadness and pain to words here, I wish I could reverse those scary days-hugs-

  • 1 year ago

    by Dagmar Wilson

    Dear Andrea, you have turned into a wonderful caring loving person with an amazing big heart, not to mention your artistic side. I have said at times that we are victims of our childhood and mine was no better but when we become adults we do have a choice, it can go either way. You and I have chosen not to let the past define us. I think it is not so much that we can't give love we simply don't know how to receive it because we did not as a child. The most important fact is to forgive and move on and trying to let it go. All the very best and a big hug