Service Not Self

by CJ Maleney   Mar 19, 2017

Flickering flames
That break the dark
A touch of tinder
A tiny spark

The nod of heads
The knowing stare
The things we've shared
When you weren't there

The flame that dances
Was once your time
That flame still burns
But it's now with mine

You stood, lost and won
God knows you took the pain
Your sacrifice
Was not in vein

You gave your all
For those you don't know
A massive burden
A heavy toll

Once a year your
remembered now
Millions of us
heads all bowed

But it is not just once a year
For many still know that fear
For every man a diffident tale.
From a window a stifled wail

It was never a call for every man
But hit a nerve for those who can
The draft the call, you never swerved
The biggest club, we're those who served

Service not self.


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